Comic Review: Simpsons Comics #245

It is the end of a 25-year era, Simpsons Comics comes to an end with this spectacular issue.


Marge takes the kids out for a special day at the mall.  After buying Bart and Lisa gifts, she is only left with little Maggie.  Taking her to the pet store, Maggie falls in love with a one-eared bunny she names Bongo (That’s right, Bongo, the same rabbit from Matt Groening’s original comic ‘Life in Hell’.).

Homer Simpson just had his dreams come true, as Mr. Burns has promised him a massive payout for the time that he accidentally caused him to grow to the size of a building (Funny side fact, this event occurred in the very first Simpsons Comics.).  Taking his family to meet with his boss, Homer discovers that Mr. Burns plans to relaunch his research of the growth ray gun.  By accident Bongo ends up being grown to a massive size and proceeds to attack the Bongo Comics office.  It is up to Maggie to calm him down before the whole town is destroyed.


It is a hard pill to swallow, the ending of Simpsons Comics after 25 years.  These books have been kicking around for most of my life, and have brought me joy on so many occasions.  The Simpsons entering their thirtieth season this year we were all hoping that this family wasn’t going anywhere.  Though, it looks like the comic series is the first to go.  While we are preparing ourselves for a world without Simpsons Comics, Bongo Comics is calling it a hiatus – seen in the editor notes at the end of this issue from writer Nathan Kane.  However, it is hard to see how the book makes a comeback.  Rest easy, as Bongo still intends to release other Simpsons titles.  This is just the end of the longest running comic series that hasn’t changed its numbering.

And, if you are going to send them off, send them off in style it seems.  This was a book that had a lot of call-outs to its history.  As I mention in the overview, Bongo, the one-eared bunny from ‘Life in Hell’ plays a significant role, as well as the storyline from Simpsons Comics #1.  Even Bongo Comics themselves make a substantial appearance with the logo splashed over many panels and their offices in Springfield playing a part.  These callbacks help us to appreciate the many years of entertainment that they have provided us, as well as add emotion to the finale, all while being pure enjoyable.

As for the story itself, the book does not disappoint.  It is done in classic Simpsons form.  The one thing that has always been great about Simpsons Comics is that it reads like you are watching an episode.  And, in all honesty, some of the episodes I have read can often outdo the original series.  You have to appreciate that the book still stays true to its genre.  I mean, they do have a giant one-eared bunny destroying a town.  That’s pretty comic book awesome if you ask me.  An appearance from Comic Book Guy also seemed highly appropriate.

There are obviously a lot of tough emotions that go with seeing such a long-running series come to a halt, but I feel like they gave us a proper send off.  It was a Simpsons comic, just the way you would want it.  They included lots of little Easter eggs to keep the longtime fans happy.  And, as a special little bonus, the final four pages of the issue include pictures of each and every comic cover through the 25-year run.  Without surprising us all and saying that they would be back next month, this is as good as you can expect.

With that all said, I would like to say thank you to Bongo Comics and Simpsons Comics for the many wonderful stories this series has provided throughout my life.  I guess I will just have to go back and start with #1 all over again.


Jesse Bereta

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