Interdimensional cable in comic form!


Summer is showing signs of teenage depression after her favourite television show is cancelled.  An unlikely hero in Morty saves the day by hooking up the interdimensional cable in hopes of finding a dimension in which the show wasn’t cancelled.  As the family gathers around to watch programs from across the multiverse, two strangers arrive on the screen.  They turn out to be two Xepthurions hoping to kill Rick for his time travel technology.  What happens when these brutal aliens actually defeat the uber-genius and capture the dangerous tech? 

In the second story, the inherit owner of the official moving company of the Rick and Morty universe, U-To, recalls his own history.  With a collection of leftover technology from moving Rick around, he has gotten himself into more trouble than intended.  Lost in the multiverse, he must find a way to make a living in a world where he is an alien.  His best hope?  Selling off Rick’s old tech back to Rick. 


Our Take: 

This issue of Rick and Morty has been one of my most anticipated.  Since finding out that it would feature the return of interdimensional cable, I have been counting down the days.  When we first witnessed the wonder of interdimensional cable in “Rixty Minutes” in the animated series, it quickly became one of the most exciting parts of the show.  Appearing in episodes spread throughout all three seasons, the parallel universe television programs have offered some of the best jokes in the show from Ballfondlers to Strawberry Smiggles.  So, a comic issue with this device in play should promise to be brilliant. 

After a quick and appropriate setup, we finally get the TV turned on, and it is time to jump into Interdimensional cable.  Our first show is as exciting as always in “Farlox the Gorbles!”  It looks like an entertaining show that puts two alien babies in a ring to fight to the death.  Apparently too graphic for even the comic book we don’t get any shots of the actions, but still, probably a show that would do well.  Then, the second program turns out to be a fake, where two vicious aliens have been waiting to capture Rick.   

But wait!  All this anticipation for a comic issue featuring Interdimensional cable and we only get one show?  Given, it is a pretty fantastic addition to the fodder, but I was hoping for much more.  Honestly, I would have been quite content with the whole issue just changing channels and introducing us to different programs, movies, and commercials.  And, at least a nod to something that we have seen in the TV series would have been nice.  But I have expressed in the past my appreciation that the comics have built their own world, so I understand not referencing the show. 

As far as the remainder of the story went, it was still pretty decent.  Mostly action and a lot of Rick being his egotistical self.  Though, I enjoyed the fact that Rick was adamant in his stance that there is nothing that these aliens can do to make him give away his tech – including threatening his family or himself.  And, they follow that up with the idea that Rick is at constant danger of enemies trying to steal his inventions all of the time.  True to his character for sure, but we don’t really need any more character development for Rick Sanchez, do we?  I mean, we know him pretty well. 

As for the second part of this issue, it was a bit confusing.  There wasn’t much set-up, and U-To was a subtle reference that to make a whole plot around.  Why this was its own story, I have no idea.  Though the conclusion to the short story was pretty amusing.  It still didn’t make much sense. 


I love Rick and Morty comics.  I am an advocate that these books can be just as clever as the show at times.  However, this issue did not hold up to the standards that have been set for this series in my opinion.  Given, the comic title has been on a terror of releasing brilliant issue after brilliant issue so having an off month is alright, we can let it pass.  There is also a lot of hype being built up for Rick and Morty #50 later this year.  Promising an oversized issue full of ‘memories’ a lot of effort seems to be going to that milestone book.  Hopefully, we get back to the brilliant series this comic has been next month, for now, they can have an off-month. 


Jesse Bereta

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