Comedy Central Digital Announces New Animated Series In Development For Youtube Channel

Time to trip.

Comedy Central is launching a Youtube channel for original series and they’ve got all sorts of content in development including animated series called Tales From The Trip and Sex Fails:

  • Sex Fails: Sex is funny. Sex gone wrong? The funniest. Comedians reveal their lowest sexual moments, while animators bring their stories to hideous, cringe-inducing life.
  • Tales From the Trip: Comedians share their wildest psychedelic drug stories, as animators bring them to life with brain-melting visuals.

On top of all this, Comedy Central digital series Blark & Son has also moved to be part of the Comedy Central Youtube channel. Read our full season review of the series here.

Our Take

Slowly but surely Comedy Central is having a rebuilding year after an abysmal 2018 that saw no original animated series air with the exception of South Park which is still going strong after all of these years. Tales From The Trip/Sex Fails is in a similar vein to stuff we’ve seen before like Tales From The Tour Bus, Party Legends, and more, so it’s not exactly revolutionary, however, it could be just the thing the network needs to get busy in the pickups department. Psych trips in general are just as part of animated history as anything else and have been used in numerous instances like Beavis & Butthead, Broad City, and a slew of other franchises. The challenge will be to somehow differentiate the different trips so that each experience feels unique to the person telling the story.


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