Cartuna Producer For “Human Kind Of”, “Liverspots & Astronots”, and “Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time” Departs

What’s next?

Cartuna had a strong 2018. Series like Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time, Liverspots & Astronots, and Human Kind Of showed a more ambitious effort from the company to come up with original intellectual property for all of us to get behind. Human Kind Of even went on to get nominated for an Annie award which shows even more support for the company’s budding series.

We haven’t heard anything regarding renewals or any new programming from Cartuna for 2019, and the development department has even taken a hit. That’s because one of the executive producers for all of those series, Daniel Shepard, has announced his departure and will be going off on his own as an independent producer. We actually had a chance to interview Daniel last year of which you can check out here.

Our Take

It’s too early to tell what is going on here. I’ll be curious to see how Cartuna proceeds moving forward from Daniel’s departure and whether or not this will have an adverse reaction to the company’s growth in producing new content.

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