Fugget About It “Hot, Wet, Amphibious Summer”


Petey gets a summer job at the tourism bureau and lies about Regina history while running a bus tour. His lies prove so popular that Petey is promoted and becomes Jimmy’s boss.

Fugget About It is all-new tonight @ 930 pm ET/PT, check your local listings.

Check out videos here.

Knuckle Heads “The Trial of Uncle Ted”


Uncle Ted is taken to court by unsatisfied clients who launch a class action suit against him after being disappointed by his many products.

Knuckle Heads is all-new tonight @ 10 pm, check your local listings.

Night Sweats “Autohosts”


Night Sweats Corporate has decided replace Bart with an automated host, like those automated tellers at Canadian Tire. Featured cartoons include: Mind Janitors, Goodwin vs. Badwin, Dee Tremendous and Terrificland.

Night Sweats is all-new tonight on Adult Swim Canada @ 1130 pm, check your local listings.Watch a clip here.

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