Bubbleblabber’s Definitive Top Ten NEW Animated Series of 2018

Chances are, if a show is on this list that has been canceled, then it’s the network’s fault that it got canceled and shouldn’t be a reflection of the producers. It takes a team to win championships, and that applies to the entertainment business as well. These were the 10 Best NEW Animated Series of 2018. Sound off on the comments with your list if you disagree.


10) Final Space

Courtesy: TBS

From humble Youtube beginnings to national television debut, Olan Rogers’ Final Space has concluded its first season, with an extended second season on the way. It’s packed a lot into its first ten episodes, with some following tested conventions and others pushing the boundary, and all of it being a wild and engrossing ride. Much of this is due in no small part to Rogers’ infectious energy and enthusiasm for the creative process, which comes through in every interview and behind-the-scenes footage shown thus far, but that energy can only take the execution so far.

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