Next year, expect to see China and other parts of South East Asia possibly represented on this list. Until then, we rank the best English dubbed anime of 2019. HiDive makes it’s first contribution in a list that is well dominated by Adult Swim and Netflix.

10) The Promised Neverland

Courtesy: Adult Swim

Overall, the first season of The Promised Neverland is just about as close to an objective success as one can get on the first try, with impeccable writing, pacing, characters, acting, and direction. It is a series that is best entered as blind as possible, but is able to provide the same level of intensity and enjoyment after knowing the surprises, if not more so. And luckily, the second season is planned to premiere early next year, though likely with a drastically different direction. I don’t know what else to say other than beg you to check it out, so get on it.

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