Bubbleblabber vs Carl’s Stone Cold Pick of the NFL Week 10: Dolphins vs Buccaneers

And Carl is picking another Tampa game, but this one is a lot more difficult to figure out than last week’s winning pick of Seattle. That’s because Carl is picking Tampa, a team that has had a season’s full of shitty controversy over Miami, a team that has had two straight weeks of even shittier controversy. Let’s look at both squads to see which has the advantage on the field:

Miami Dolphins



Remember last week when I mentioned how Tampa is a shit-run team? Well, it looks like Miami has one-upped everyone now with its own controversy. I’ll tell ya this. When I was in High School, I played football and I once had my Defensive Coach punch me directly in the face whilst wearing my helmet. No joke, actually happened. When I was in Pop Warner, this high school kid must have knocked my fifth-grade self at least 10 times and rather hard, too. For some reason I kept getting up and up to play again and the high school kids couldn’t believe it. So, how does this team respond to all of this Incognito-Martin, bull shit? I’m not sure, but I know that the bullying on a football team shit happens, but it definitely toughens you up and I firmly remember finding one of the tallest guys in high school and beating the shit out of him and as such never once had anyone tried to bully me again. The team will rally behind Philbin and their QB Tannehill of whom I think is a MUCH better game manager than Tampa’s rookie.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers



This team is still a disaster, but they actually showed SOME fight against the Broncos. The team is ranked almost dead-last on offense and I don’t see that getting fixed anytime soon until Schiano is gone. I usually try to give positive points to both sides of the ball, but both teams are head-fucked right now so at least the play by play guys have something to talk about. Ironically enough one of those guys is Jon Gruden…the coach the Bucs never should have let go in the first place.

Bubbleblabber (6-3) picks Miami to beat Tampa 31-17

Carl (4-5) picks Tampa Bay to win

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