VID: Angry Protest March To Demand More Simpsons On TV

After Bolivian citizens saw their Simpsons airtime diminish, nearly 2,000 folks took to the streets and matched on the capital to demand a change.

Originally shown in a two-hour block, Unitel, the network that airs the world’s most popular cartoon, recently trimmed the show’s time slot. Protestors responded en masse with signs, chants, and Simpsons character masks – picketing even in the pouring rain.

Local media reported that this was the first time in the country’s history a protest was started due to television programming. And in the end, it was a success, as Unitel agreed to return the schedule back to normal, according to the Latin Times.

Which goes to show that the old adage really is true: a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

[via The NY Post]

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