Blu-Ray Review: South Park Season 21

With the holidays fast approaching, we start knocking off the items that you need/don’t need this season.


Courtesy: Comedy Central

As the profits soar for streaming services and production costs for home releases dwindle, you definitely start to see the stalwarts in the industry wain a little bit in quality. In the case of South Park Season 21, that’s absolutely the case.

Included in the home release are all 10 episodes including the Emmy-nominated “Put it Down” and mini-commentaries for each of the episode as well as the social commentaries that air each week on Comedy Central. That’s it in terms of special features, however. No featurettes, no animatics or deleted scenes, nothing. You do get all of the episodes uncensored which is a plus, but overall,  it’s a rather unfortunate release, actually, because the South Park seasons used to be some of the best on the market, but this release is nowhere near. If you have a Hulu subscription, you’ve got this season in the bag already, and I’m not sure the different varieties of commentaries are enough to warrant a purchase.

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