Blazblue Cross-Tag Battle makes Blake & Yang free DLC!

Team RWBY in fighting game-form is now complete! Sort of…

Arc System Works has announced straight from a tweet that the DLC of Blake Belladonna which was previously announced will be free upon launch along with another surprise, last RWBY member Yang Xiao long will make the cut rounding out all 4 members of Team RWBY!

Along with the free DLC announcement (which was shown at the end of this video), it also reveals that the US release date will be June 5th of this year for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

Our Take

Damn! Although we haven’t seen footage of Yang’s 2D sprite in action yet, I’m glad Arc System works has wised up and released it as free DLC given the track record of their past business decisions that pissed off the fans with all the updates & re-releases of their previous games.


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