Bill Maher Puts Nail In Coffin For “The Problem With Apu” Debate

Slowly, but surely, the foundation of this argument is giving way to reason.

I’m not the biggest Bill Maher fan, but the longtime TV show host finally weighed in on The Problem with Apu controversy and in essence called comedian Hari Kondabolu a douchebag.Actually, he didn’t name Hari by name and, admittedly, that would make Hari’s day if he had because the producer of the aforementioned documentary is loving the extra attention he’s getting via The Simpsons’ retort along with being called out by both Al Jean and Harry Shearer.

But far and away, Bill Maher put the nail in the coffin on this while issue. Watch a clip from his most recent episode and then read our review of the crappy movie this whole ordeal started from.



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