Behind-The-Scenes Round-Up: “The Simpsons” Teases New Home Release ; “Gary And His Demons” ; “Love Stage” English Dub

Behind-the-scenes info for a variety of series.


Animation director for The Simpsons Matthew Schofield is teasing the fact that he just finished producing behind-the-scenes commentary for “Lisa Goes Gaga” for what sounds like will be a potential home release follow up to the previous Season 18 which came out a while ago. AL Jean, Matt Selman, Matt Warburton, and Tom Gammill were all part of the recording session for the commentary which would be for a season 22 episode of the series which is odd because we have yet to see Seasons 19 through 21 on DVD home release just yet. Perhaps with the Disney acquisition of 20th Century FOX, we can get rolling with more home releases sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, we have an all-new episode of The Simpsons airing this Sunday Night written by cast member Nancy Cartwright entitled “The Girl’s in the Band”. In it, Lisa is scouted by the director of the Capitol City Philharmonic, to her band teacher’s dismay; Homer works extra shifts at the plant, putting strain on the family.


Courtesy: Mondo/VRV

VRV has launched a new web series called Live from the WZRD and in the show’s first episode they go behind-the-scenes with the producers of Gary and his Demons to get a sense on “How to Make a Cartoon”. That said, it’s been nearly eight months since the first season of Gary and his Demons wrapped it’s first season and we’ve yet to hear of a season two pickup on what is arguably the entire platform’s most popular original series.

GARY AND HIS DEMONS is an animated comedy about a cantankerous, aging demon slayer who has nothing left to lose. Burdened by his “chosen one” status and backed by a team of specialists he can’t relate to, Gary struggles to keep interest in the Earth-saving duty he never asked for and doesn’t want. Watch how it’s made below:


Courtesy: Sentai Filmworks

Producers for the English dub of Love Stage,  for all those that don’t have the home release it’s streaming over on HiDive, sat in for a lengthy featurette all about being in the booth whilst producing the dubbed effort. Check out a synopsis of the series below with the full video feature.

As a child actor, Izumi Sena was following the rest of his family into the entertainment business until he quit after a humiliating incident while shooting a certain commercial. Now, ten years later, Izumi’s trying to juggle college and becoming a manga author, but nothing seems to be working out for him. Until he’s asked to reprise his part in that infamous commercial opposite one of Japan’s most popular up-and-coming actors! Which wouldn’t be so bad… except for the fact that Izumi was dressed as young girl in the ad, and everyone, including his infatuated potential co-star Ryoma Ichijo, still thinks that he’s a she! Is Izumi going to have to kiss a guy and will he like it? And what will Ryoma think when the girl of his dreams turns out to be a guy in jeans? Get ready for a tale of crossed stars and shifting alignments as a completely unexpected drama unfolds in prime time across the LOVE STAGE!!

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