AT&T Stake In Hulu Sold To Hulu Which IS Now Just Disney/NBC Universal

What does this mean for Rick and Morty??

NBC Universal and Disney have become the sole co-owners in the Hulu streaming service as it was announced today that AT&T had sold it’s near 10% stake in the company for just under $1.5 billion. Here’s the fallout from this transaction.

Our Take

There’s no friggin’ way that Disney is going to buy the rest of the 30% of Hulu from NBC Universal anytime soon. Not because Disney couldn’t afford the 30% stake of the streaming service valued at $15 billion, but because government regulations are gonna make this a friggin’ nightmare. Also, NBC Universal owns the movie rights to the Marvel character “The Hulk”, so if Disney is gonna make a play, it’s gonna be for both and NBC Universal is going to ask for double for what Hulu is worth as a result.

As for AT&T, the deal goes to pay down debt from the recent WarnerMedia deal, but most importantly, expect any and all WarnerMedia content (which includes Adult Swim’s library) to be taken off here and probably put on the VRV streaming service much in the same way Boomerang is available on VRV now. This means your choice of streaming services just got messier.

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