Anthony Jeselnik ‏Teases Being Approached For FOX’s “Therapy Dog”

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Anthony Jeselnik is easily in the upper-echelon of stand-up comedy brilliance. His delivery is impeccable, his jokes hurt, and he’s a good looking dude which means he’s a triple-threat guy. At first I was a little hesitant to believe his recent run-in with an upcoming FOX animated pilot, but as I read further into it, this sounds legit.

The series Anthony is referring to is Therapy Dog, the recent animation pilot order that features a bevy of HBO producers at the helm that follows a dog named “Honey” that offers therapy sessions to other animals who are having qualms with their owners. Is it possible that Anthony just wrote a joke after reading a byline for the aforementioned pilot? Perhaps…but as you’ll see in the Tweet thread, Anthony claims this was a legit offer for an audition, and even further teases the fact that he had sent a spec script to the producers of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (that’s gotta be a rib, too, mainly because it’s just too perfect).

Longtime producer at FOX Jon Gabay jumped in and seemed to have largely put this one to bed in terms of legitimacy.

Even though the comedian isn’t thrilled about the role, had Anthony Jeselnik been tapped to lead this series, it would’ve brought this pilot to another unholy level. With Anthony seemingly turning down the role, that doesn’t appear to be happening, however if a miserable stand-up comedian is what the producers of Therapy Dog are looking for they can probably hit up the Comedy Store or even the Ice House in Hollywood to find some “Honey” hopefuls. In the meantime, Anthony Jeselnik has a new stand-up special coming to Netflix at the end of the month, so look out for that!

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