Analysis: FCC Repeals Net Neutrality And How This Could Hurt The Adult Animation Industry

How bad is it?

In a 3-2 vote that was drawn on party lines, the FCC has voted to repeal Net Neutrality, a measure put in place to ensure that we get an open and available internet. Telecom providers were against it because they felt that it hindered on their ability to be creative, companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google hate it because it could reduce traffic for fear that the internet industry would turn into the television business with the possibility of certain sites being put on tiered pricing models.

A lot of content companies, like Turner Networks, are already affiliated with television conglomerates. Comcast owns NBC Universal, AT&T is making a play for Time Warner, and then there’s a bunch of regional premium offerings that also have content deals in place. The fear is, Comcast subscribers will get content from NBC Universal super fast and get slow Netflix or AT&T sends new episodes or Rick and Morty to their television/phone subscribers first before they do Verizon subscribers.

The Telcom companies think that, for the most part, everyone is overreacting over what they plan to do in the future. But, the content companies aren’t backing down. Netflix plans to sue, which could take dollars out of content and put it into legal, acting as a potential hurdle for the streaming service to pick up original content and instead relying on acquisitions of generic shit. Same goes for Facebook Watch, Youtube Red, and other internet TV models hoping to get a slice of the cable company pies that are, right now, enormous and about to get bigger.

With the recent acquisition of 20th FOX by Disney, it’s gonna get tougher and tougher to pitch content to people willing to pay for them if their budgets are tied up with legal fees.

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