Adult Swim To Premiere Five Nights Of “Tender Touches”

Between Adult Swim and Nicktoons, I don’t know who to thank more for giving me less family time this holiday season, but for those expecting Adult Swim to go quietly the rest of 2017 after tonight, you’re in for a real surprise.

Fans who attended the Adult Swim “On the Green” tours were treated to previews of upcoming new programming, the likes of which included this series, Tender Touches. For those that haven’t, Tender Touches is a mostly animated (save for the occasional stock footage) series inspired by the Adult Swim Streams that is a parody of soap operas. The series was created by Max Simonet and Dave Bonawitz of Fishcenter fame and the episodes are as follows:

Tue December 19th – 12:30 AM (EST) (Episode 1) – “Heated Floors”
Wed December 20th – 12:30 AM (EST) (Episode 2) – “Bamboo Floors”
Thu December 21st – 12:30 AM (EST) (Episode 3) – “Train Floors”
Fri December 22nd – 12:30 AM (EST) (Episode 4) – “Dormitory Floors”
Sat December 23rd – 12:30 AM (EST) (Episode 5) – “Monodecathedron Floors”

Now, the other interesting thing is that directly after each episode, Adult Swim will replay the same episode but codenamed “Operetta”, though at this time, it is unclear what the hell that is. In any case, we’ll have preview/review coverage every day this week so keep touching back. =

Watch a trailer for Tender Touches here.

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