One of Adult Swims most Iconic shows since the beginning of the block itself, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back for a special 4-way zoom-panel interview moderated by Max Simonet and consisting of the show’s co-creator, Dave Willis (Carl and Meatwad) Carey Means (Frylock), and Dana Snyder, who voices the obnoxious yet fun, Master Shake. 

Here’s the whole panel for those of you who missed it.

Notes Taken from the Panel:

-Dave Willis hilariously claims the frequent title changes each season were done out of sheer boredom and purposely changed the name each year hoping people wouldn’t catch the show on the TV Guide.

-Dave also has a track record of how many monsters are within the Aqua Teen universe which is a total of “72”.

-Carey expresses how the inconsistent changes with Frylock in both the film and later episodes were “terrible experiences” but isn’t completely butt-hurt since he got paid, and openly misses the late C. Martin Croker who contributed to the show for a long time as both an artist and the voice of Dr. Weird & Steve.

-Dana expresses his love for “Murder Mystery” stories and explains the change in tone and story structure of the show

-Carey talks about the funny but unusual experience of meeting some scientists who were involved with “Monsanto” and introduced them to Aquateen while eating at a Cookout event.

-Dave Willis (who also voices Meatwad and Carl) shows a hilariously fun “Puppet” PSA with his Kids involving Meatwad and Carl promoting social distancing.

-Max subjects the cast to weird trivia questions involving the show itself.

-Carey still watches the show from time to time and deems his favorite episode as the “Dickisode”.

-Dave notices the growth and progression of his writing when rewatching later episodes.

-Carey admits that Frylock has no “Humor Bone” in his fry-anatomy.

-Dave claims the Boost Mobile Company gifted them with “lotion kits” for the “Boost Mobile” episode.

-Dave, Carey, and Dana do a fun line-reading of the Aqua Teen Thanksgiving special “Turkatron”.

-Dave recalls the most impressive animation scenes throughout the show and film.

-The Musical act at the end of the panel with the band “Thundercat” has a very special background guest.

All 11 Seasons of Aqua Teen can are now streaming on HBOMAX.

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