A Half-Hour “12 oz Mouse” Special Is Airing Next Month On Adult Swim

This is happening.

Adult Swim has announced a new half-hour 12 oz Mouse special to premiere on October 15th @ 115 AM ET/PT entitled “Invictus”. The special airs the same night as the Harvey Birdman, Attorney General special which should make for one hell of a throwback evening for Adult Swim.

There’s probably no single producer of animated television that has taken better advantage of limited resources than Matt Maiellero. Matt (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) had the presence of mind to challenge the powers at Adult Swim that he could make a hit animated series for next to nothing and make it a hit. How do you do that? You do it with 12 oz Mouse.

For Matt, it starts with him designing each and every character and then sending them off to be Final Cut Pro animated. One of the show’s characters, “Rhoda the Bartender”, was literally designed on the back of copy paper used as a portion of a script for Perfect Hair Forever. It’s also asking a bunch of pals to be your voice stars, and it’s a who’s who of Adult Swim lore. Matt voices the role of the lead character, “Mouse Fitzgerald” who is tasked with a bunch of odd jobs by his boss “Shark” voiced by Adam Reed (Archer). When he looks to take off from a long hard day or if we just need a setting in which to launch episodes, bartender Rhoda (voiced by Dave Willis of Squidbillies fame). Listen to Peanut Cop’s lines, and there are full runs of dialogue in which Adult Swim producer Nick Weidenfeld couldn’t stop laughing during his voice tracking with no bother of a do-over.

For a show that doesn’t look pretty, it has to have good writing, and 12 oz Mouse ended up being one of the darker series featuring stylistic elements that you may see in feature films like Memento or Fight Club rather than anything animated. Some of the themes presented in the series would serve as proof that animation fans can be served elements other than straight comedy, a compelling attribute to the eventual growth and dominance of Netflix’s adult animation stable.

Check out a teaser below:

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