Shorts Review: “The MC Chris Cartoon Pitch”




It’s been countless months since MC Chris announced he would be making a cartoon. It’s also been countless rejections from major companies passing on the show. But here we are, finally viewing the six minutes and three seconds of footage that you, the fans, paid for. Which begs me to ask the question. What makes this video more special than the teaser trailer that was put out a year ago? The teaser had the feel of a major motion picture, only to have the actual show reveal that all the good parts were actually in the trailer. I’m reliving the feeling I had many years ago when i thought Hocus Pocus would be amazing. Mind you I was in elementary school and didn’t realize that Sarah Jessica Parker was an equine she-beast.

So let’s talk about the parts of the video that we didn’t see in the trailer:

1. The opening sequence/Flight scene- One thing i can’t bitch about here is the animation. Titmouse clearly had some of their best animators on this and it shows. I like how Chris had some levity and had the villains make fun of his last record and no-name status.

2. The Dinosaurs- A very small part of the video, but might have been the hardest I laughed during the entire show. Totally reminded me of the 5 second rule that all of us chef’s “never” follow.

3. “Don’t get me started”- Literally. If I had paid into the Kickstarter for this show I would be furious that so much time was wasted on an obviously unfunny joke. Sure it probably sounded hilarious during a table read and yeah it helped you establish a new song, but c’mon. That was a minute and change worth of time I’ll never get back. Which is disappointing because I really had high hopes for the show.

Having now watched the pitch twice I can honestly say that I would still like to see this show be picked up. A bunch of people have put valuable time and the fans have put up some hard earned money to see this thing through. Titmouse is a powerhouse right now (see Metalocalypse and most of RugBurn Channel). To see that they can’t even get this show picked up is kind of disheartening. But I think it’ll be picked up sooner than we all think. That said, heed my warning MC. If people are paying for it, you better make it awesome. Learn from the critiques you’re hearing from this and other sites. I’m a fan, a big fan, but if the show comes to light and it’s more of this be prepared for a backlash that I don’t think you can handle.



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