Elon Musk Commits Unauthorized Reproduction Of Cyanide & Happiness Cartoon


Cyanide & Happiness is expected to be a part of a brand-new FAST channel that is slated to be announced on May 31st called Animation Plus that claims to be the new home of animated comedy with already teased series being included in the channel including the likes of Deep Space 69, the aforementioned Cyanide & Happiness and more.

But, that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here because X.com owner Elon Musk recently posted a highly-modified C&H cartoon that has the creators of the property NOT happy about it. Admittedly, creators Dave McElfatrick even bringing up the idea of sueing the X.com owner sounds rather plausible due to the fact that Elon is posting an unauthorized reproduction of a copyrighted work.

Whether or not Explosm goes through with the suit is anyone’s guess, but we’ll keep you updated once we hear otherwise.