Kid Cudi Is Reincarnated As A “Slime” In New Animated Feature With Adult Swim Smalls Creator

Kid Cudi (Entergalactic) is teaming up with Jeron Braxton (Adult Swim Smalls’ Baby Demon) and Brian Ash (Black Dynamite) to create a new animated feature horror film entitled Slime. 

According to Deadline who broke the story, Slime is described as a classic monster movie decked out in fashion-forward video game skins that are wickedly satirical, scary as hell and trippy AF. In a not-too-distant, but all-too-dystopian future, Muna, an optimistic, but broke young woman, signs up for a paid medical trial. Hope turns to horror when she is unknowingly injected with a foreign creature’s slime and begins to have visions she does not understand and unleash destructive powers she cannot control.

Hunted and desperate, Muna kidnaps Glenn (voiced by Kid Cudi), a lab worker from the mega-corporation who injected her. Together, they go on a terrifying odyssey in search of refuge and a cure. But is it already too late to stop her from evolving into a monster, a post-human savior, or something in between?

The movie will prominently feature Braxton’s aesthetic accompanied by a trippy soundtrack with Mad Solar and Hammerstone Studios producing the movie.

More as it develops.