English Dub Review: Jujutsu Kaisen “Right and Wrong”



Itadori reawakens with grievous resolve as he bears witness to the aftermath Sukuna has wrought upon Shibuya. Meanwhile, Nanami continues to fight through packs of transfigured humans in an exhausted haze until Mahito appears before him.

Our Take(Spoilers):

This has become a difficult series to review for me. On one hand I can recognize that it is objectively good but sometimes you have to realize something might not be for you. I’ve been talking about this series a lot with one of my friends who loves this series and it has been hard to figure out. The only thing I can think of is that this series wasn’t presented as dark as it has been. The subject matter alone lends itself to a little bit of darkness but this is a manga that runs in Shonen Jump, so that comes with some expectations. That is the only thing I can pinpoint, it is how the series was marketed to us. When I watch anime like Berserk, Attack on Titan, or the recent The Kingdoms of Ruin I expect a lot of bad shit to happen. You could argue that it’s on me for not enjoying the series for what it’s becoming and I think I’ve become invested enough to want to see how it ends but dang this has become a depressing series.

I personally like Yuji as a character and it has started to feel like the author of the series just hates him and wants to see him suffer. One of the downsides to being not only someone who watches the anime only and doesn’t read the manga but also a fan of the English dub is spoilers.

I already knew that Nanami was going to die, and it was still really hard to watch. Even some darker shows like Demon Slayer have moments of hope. This series just doesn’t feel like there is anything like that going forward. I hope Nobara and Megumi will be okay and Yuji won’t be all alone but if it comes to it I’m just going to root for Yuji to let Sukuna take over and go on a killing spree.