Review: Rick and Morty #5 (2023)


After Rick denied his friend request, hyper tech-bro Glug Vronksy took it personally and imprisoned our hero in fancy space jail. Meanwhile, Rick-less, slightly losing his mind, and somehow working for Vronsky, Morty continues the search for his lost girlfriend, Noelle, but is a bit preoccupied with cleaning a giant dog. Who will attempt to save Rick from space jail? Who?! S-Summer…it’s Summer.

Our Take

I like this Glug character. For starters he created a multi-verse with AI which I think is a fascinating idea and would love to actually be deployed in the series. Morty turning into Rick is pretty funny and I’m not quite sure what Summer is even doing here yet.

ALEX FIRER checks in with a solid issue of the main series that is quickly becoming the most fascinating take on the animated franchise in quite some time. Andrew Dalhouse and Mark Ellerby check in with pretty excellent artwork, and even the Noelle short crammed in the middle left me with a head scratch which I think is a good thing.

A solid issue of Rick and Morty’s new ongoing series, a lot of threads are going on right now but they all make sense in their own twisted way. I’m excited to see where this tale with Glug finally lands.