English Dub Review: The Reincarnation Of The Strongest Exorcist In Another World “Yifa’s Feelings;Yifa’s Resolve”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Yifa’s Feelings

Seika heads to another country to investigate a rampaging dragon.

Yifa’s Resolve

The prince tries to force Yifa to join his harem while Seika makes friends with the dragon.

Our Take:

There’s still no rest for the young exorcist, as he’s off on another adventure amid his quest to live a normal life. This time, his latest journey takes him to another country to deal with something bigger than a brainwashed sibling: a fire-breathing dragon with strange behavioral issues. Fortunately, Seika won’t be accomplishing this mission alone, as Yifa accompanies him to try and solve this unusual mystery. However, based on the two episodes that dropped this week, the dragon’s behavior is the least of Seika’s problems.

“Yifa’s Feelings” sees Seika and Yifa traveling to the Astelia Kingdom to investigate the Greater Dragon, which its previous queen raised years ago to protect the country. During the process, they encounter Astelia’s air-headed prince Cecilio, who attempts to have Yifa join his royal harem. As the investigation continues, Seika learns that the dragon had become violent once when it had a baby with its wife. Although, the dragon’s past behavior doesn’t match its current one since its mate died decades ago. This resulted in Seika going to the mountain to learn more about the dragon.

“Yifa’s Resolve” then concludes the show’s two-part adventure by revealing a few surprises involving Cecilio’s true plan and Yifa’s origin. In the last episode’s conclusion, Cecilio’s elf attendant, Lize, claims that Yifa is an elf descendant, which explains her spirit magic, and insists on joining the harem. This episode shows that the prince’s harem is a university for young ladies to train them to become government officials and queens. However, that isn’t enough to convince Yifa to leave Seika, even though Lize tries to warn Yifa about Seika’s true identity. Meanwhile, Seika discovers that the dragon is violent because it’s protecting its egg, having become a female after its wife’s death. He also finds that Cecilio’s mage mercenary, Zecht, is backstabbing the prince and attempting to steal and sell the dragon’s egg. 

This leads us to another big reveal, in which Cecilio wants to have the dragon killed so he can have a better chance of becoming king. He also tries to force Yifa to join his harem by making her sign the legal papers. Considering how dense and selfish he is in the previous episode, this doesn’t surprise me. This results in Seika standing up to the idiotic Cecilio, who then lets Yifa decide for herself.

Both episodes further showcase the relationship between Seika and Yifa during their quest, especially Yifa. Yifa serves as both a friend and a slave to Seika, but she also has been in love with Seika since he was young. Of course, Seika’s oblivious nature of the latter still proved to be a tad annoying regarding the show’s “will they, won’t they” trope. However, that doesn’t mean Seika doesn’t care about her. When Seika scolds Yifa for freezing in fear during the dragon attack, he is doing it to help her learn to push her fear away so she can defend herself when Seika’s not around. Although, I would agree that Seika could’ve handled it differently.

Additionally, Seika is allowing Yifa to choose her own path, either staying with Cecilio or remaining as Seika’s servant. Of course, Yifa seemed hesitant about this decision since Seika thinks joining a harem is a rare honor, and she’s still in love with him. However, there’s also a tiny hint of doubt within Seika in “Yifa’s Feelings” as he wonders if Yifa would be interested in the prince’s offer. So it looks like there may be a chance that the young exorcist would finally realize Yifa’s true feelings.

Overall, the two episodes provided some enjoyability in their generic dragon investigation plot. More importantly, they deliver a satisfying character growth for Yifa, as she’s close to being capable of taking care of herself and being brave enough to confess her feelings to Seika. While Yifa may have a small amount of doubt about Seika, thanks to Lize, that would likely be overshadowed by the potential arrival of the five powerful demons. Given their tremendous abilities and desires to kill the Hero, it’s unsurprising that Seika’s about to tackle the greatest fight of his new life.