English Dub Review: Tomo-chan Is a Girl! “The Girls of the Olston Family / A Feeling I Won’t Give Up / Heart-Pounding! A Gaming Overnighter”


Tomo and Misuzu visit Carol’s house, the girls study at Misuzu’s house, and Tomo has a sleepover at Jun’s house.

Our Take:

This episode is full of friends hanging out at each others’ houses. We get to see Carol’s, Misuzu’s, and the inside of Jun’s house for the first time. I like that overarching theme between these three segments.

It’s also fun meeting Carol’s and Misuzu’s respective mothers. We get to see a little more of Carol’s mom and it’s easy to see that Carol takes after her. She’s equally as spacey and she wears a sweater that’s too big for her for some reason. She also has similar interactions with Misuzu as how her daughter would. As for Misuzu’s mom, I like what we get to see of her in this episode. I just wish her time on screen wasn’t so brief.

The first two segments are fun enough and have a shocking development or two, but the real meat and potatoes of this episode are in its third segment. Tomo goes over to Jun’s house to play video games and spend the night. This also involves the two eating dinner together and Tomo showering there.

The shower is where the series of awkward moments between the two begins. They also act weird with each other while they’re playing video games. Plus, Tomo pokes and prods at Jun’s face while he’s sleeping. This ends with Jun grabbing Tomo and holding her, but it turns out he’s doing this in his sleep. As you can imagine, once they wake up the morning, things get really awkward between the two and they stay that way for a week.

We’re five episodes in and honestly, a couple of the jokes are starting to feel a little repetitive. It’s not that big of a problem right now and there are still plenty of funny moments in this episode, but I think the show needs to start focusing more on the relationships at this point.

What we do get of that is pretty good. i like sleepover episodes between love interests. They usually have a sweet intimate nature to them. This one kind of does, but it’s also awkward in a funny way. We are seeing the feelings these two have for each other really start to show. It’s already been obvious, but they’re making it even more obvious to each other. I really hope we get deeper into this love story soon, but this is a step in the right direction.