English Dub Review: To Your Eternity “Resonance”


Fushi trains his senses in preparation for the Nokkers’ attack on Renril. He discovers a strange girl in a circus tent.

Our Take

Fushi is now on his own while Kahaku and the Guardians fare off the Nokkers, and Bon went straight to the Princess of Renril to notify her of the Nokkers’ attack in half a year, only to be met with strong resistance. Encountering a small town while taking the horse around, but the walk towards the slums sees Fushi drawn towards slaves trapped, with the same level of fear of control as Bon surmised, leaving him to take matters onto his own hands.

Bringing the girl back to his ark and giving her a good wash up, and forbearing the people having a strong resistance to control, this Eko girl reveals the source of why Fushi is able to feel pain in the first place through the clay pot as her way of communication, Fushi learns a valuable reason to become one together with the environment around him, not to take control of it. And this is elevated in the way of the Noah’s Ark evolving into its many forms through teleportation.

This episode was surprisingly ok. It was full of emotion and suspense, and Fushi’s rapid growth is quite something as well. The plot has started advancing again and now we’ve got some clear goals. Bon plans on bringing strong allies to join the fight against the Nokkers. But his true goal is to get Fushi stronger options to turn into. Hence the immortal allies. Bon seems like a caring person who cares about what happens in the long-run as well as the task at hand.