“Scavengers” Is Not “Rick and Morty”-esque, But It’s Still Good

Let’s school some shit.

I’m a long time fan of Vice, Inc….some divisions are better than others. For example, I much prefer Vice on HBO/Vice News to Viceland and I much prefer vice.com to say “The Creators Project” the latter of which exhibits novice takes on both animation opinion and HTML. Such is the case with Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner’s new animated short called “Scavengers” which I first learned about on “The Creators Project“, a short film commissioned by Adult Swim for its Toonami lineup.

The short is excellent, if not the journalism behind it. While it’s easy to call anything that takes place in space “Rick and Morty”-esque, the two couldn’t be further apart in terms of aesthetic in either background design or character design. This is important, because space is coming in hot as an animated topic, and it will be important to note these differences moving forward.

If you want to see something “Rick and Morty”-esque, check out this new site posted up by Adult Swim.

Scavengers from Joseph Bennett on Vimeo.