Watch the exact moment in which ‘Bee and Puppycat’ hit its Kickstarter Mark

I don’t know if I’ve seen another Kickstarter campaign get as much furor as the one for Bee and  Puppycat. We first wrote about the series a while ago in our review of the stellar first episode and then we posted about the series again when we featured it in our ‘Kick List’.
Welp, in order to get a full season on Cartoon Hangover, the series needed to raise a bunch of money, and a bunch of money it did raise and you can see for yourself that the money did indeed get raised. This just goes to show the power of online and social media, because back in the old days if you wanted to see a show you HAD to watch it on TV. Now, just because a network turns you down it doesn’t mean your art can’t be seen and that was proven with Bee and Puppycat. 
See for yourself…