Where is Superjail? And other questions from Adult Swim’s 2015/2016 slate

On May 7th, Adult Swim announced there rather impressive 2015/2016 programming slate. I have quite a few questions that may or may not have already been answered from the press release which noted the new and returning programming:

1) I think Superjail and King Star King aren’t coming back anytime soon


The press release noted that not only are Superjail and King Star King NOT listed on the ”Returning Programming” note, but that the creators of both shows are working on something else. Christy Karacas is working on a series called BALLMASTRZ 9669 and JJ Villard is working on CREATACEOUS CALIGULA. 

2) Titmouse is not only producing animation, but developing more as well.


Brilliant mind and good pal, Chris Prynoski, is developing a series with Sean Glaze called Fisthead for Adult Swim AND his Youtube channel collaboration with 6 Point Harness aka Rugburn has officially had one of their shows promoted from a web series to that of a television series. Plus, Titmouse has a BUNCH of new programming in development and already on the air, so it’s safe to say these guys are going to be busy for a while.

3) Speaking of busy…Stoopid Buddy Stoodios


So, not only are these guys working on Robot Chicken, Camp WWE, and SuperMansion, all of which will premier later this year…but the studio has added two more shows for development on Adult Swim to go along with a slew of other shit that the studios is already producing so, yea, these guys aren’t just making Robot Chicken anymore!

4) Carl Jones is back!


With no more episodes of The Boondocks or Black Dynamite being produced, where was that going to put our friend Carl Jones in terms of projects? Welp, now we know that the long-time producer is working on a new series for Adult Swim called BUBBLEGOOSE AND JUICE. The interesting part of this series being produced, is that it’s 12-minutes long and I have yet to see Carl produce anything only 12-minutes, so I’m really excited to see how he works this show.

5) Did Adult Swim give up on more 30-minute shows and Monday/Friday Nights?


China IL, Rick and Morty, Venture Bros., Black Dynamite, and The Boondocks were all 30-minute shows produced for Adult Swim, and it was a big deal because it looked as though the network was putting a greater emphasis on longer run-times. Not only that, but Rick and Morty aired on Monday Nights as did Robot Chicken and The Jack and Triumph Show aired on Friday Nights. With China IL and soon Rick and Morty now airing on Sunday Nights and both Black Dynamite and The Boondocks getting cancelled, the time of Adult Swim cartoons being on during the week may be over.

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