Watch two clips ahead of the Blu-Ray/DVD release for Ping Pong


Set to release on June 23rd is the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of Funimation’s Ping Pong series. The release features 11 episodes, but nothing else has been announced in terms of special features, but you better hope to Christ there is because the release costs $60.  Check out the synopsis, English Cast, and two clips below:


Smile and Peco. Peco and Smile. Besties from the beginning, both with a badass backhand. Peco is known for his arrogance on the table tennis court, and Smile for his silence. But with a new school year and a new high school table tennis team, both boys are in for a challenge, on–and off–the court. Peco’s slacker ways are hurting his game, and after getting crushed in a tournament, he decides to quit. Smile is finally learning to harness his natural talents, but can he squash his sympathy for his opponents enough to beat them From the acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa (Adventure Time, Space Dandy) comes an innovative new series with stunning animation, memorable characters, and impressive footwork.

Character – Actor

  • Yutaka Hoshino/Peco – Aaron Dismuke
  • Makoto Tsukimoto/Smile – Micah Solusod
  • Jo Koizumi/Butterfly Joe – Mark Stoddard
  • Ryuichi Kazama/Dragon – Marcus D. Stimac
  • Manabu Sakuma/Demon- Anthony Bowling
  • Kong Wenge/China – Alan Chow
  • Ota – Tyson Rinehart
  • Masayuki Sanada – Ian Sinclair
  • Shuji Nekota – Clifford Chapin
  • Yurie – Lindsay Seidel
  • Egami – Eric Vale
  • Michio – Jeremy Inman

CREW ADR Director – Christopher Bevins

Lead ADR Engineer – Alyssa Galindo –

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