W2W2nite 6/8/15: Disney XD

Disney XD

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero “Lady Starblaster / Amber”

(8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT)
“Lady Starblaster” – Rippen risks his entire mission to steal a planet’s water when he hopelessly falls for a ruthless space villain, Lady Starblaster. Academy and Emmy Award-nominee Sigourney Weaver (“Alien”) guest stars as Lady Starblaster.
“Amber” – Penn and team enlist the help of Sheriff Scaley Briggs to stop Rippen and Amber, Brigg’s daughter, from rustling all the Cow-o-saurs in town. Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winner Beau Bridges (“The Millers”) reprises his role as Sheriff Scaley Briggs and Olivia Holt (“I Didn’t Do It”) guest stars as Amber.

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja “McCluckerbusters / Let Them Eat Cake Fries”


(9:30 PM – 10:00 PM ET/PT)
“McCluckerbusters” – Randy and Howard inadvertently start a war that threatens to destroy their two favorite eateries forever.

“Let Them Eat Cake Fries” – A legendary defender of school justice rises from the history books when Slimovitz removes cake fries from the Norrisville High menu.

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