W2W2nite 2/8/15: FOX and Adult Swim


The Simpsons ”Walking Big & Tall”

Lisa discovers that Springfield’s anthem was lifted from another town, so she composes a new one, while Homer gets a big lesson in “Wide Pride.” The Simpsons are all-new this Sunday Night @ 8 pm ET/PT.

Family Guy”Quagmire’s Mom”

Peter learns that his real first name is Justin, which he takes on as his younger, cooler alter ego. Later, at Peter/Justin’s party, Quagmire lands in some big trouble with his mother. Family Guy s all-new this Sunday @ 9 pm ET/PT on FOX.

Bob’s Burgers “Can’t Buy Me Math”

Tina partners with Darryl to win a contest at the school Valentine’s dance, while Linda schedules an adventurous week of copious holiday activities with Bob. Bob’s Burgers is all-new this Sunday Night @ 9:30 pm ET/PT.

Adult Swim

Mike Tyson Mysteries ‘Ty-Stunned’

10) Mike Tyson Mysteries (tie)

Mike and the gang investigate a murder. Mike Tyson Mysteries is all-new tonight @ 11:30 pm ET/PT, check your local listings. Watch a clip here.

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