Wow, I might have to start watching VH1 again.

I have a love/hate relationship with VH1. For starters I don’t like the regular VH1, I only like the VH1 Classic channel mainly because they play a whole bunch of hard rock and heavy metal over there along with metal-centric TV series like That Metal Show starring Don Jamieson, Kevin Trunk, and the guy who fucked Robin Quivers. I was actually watching this particular show this past Saturday Night after ADHD, and I couldn’t help but be entertained between commercial breaks due to the fact that these shorts were airing called Metal Headzzz. After doing some research, I learned a little bit more.

Turns out Metal Headzzz s a series of heavy-metal inspired shorts directed by Aaron Stewart. The series follows three wannabe metal heads Paulie Gold, Randy Swollenblade, and Manther of whom try their best at being the next heavy metal titans. Problem is, they can’t play any instruments!

The series is very comical and you should certainly check it out. If I’ve told you once, then I’ve told you a 1000 times, metal and cartoons ALWAYS go together. Click the link up high and get METAL UP YOUR ASS!!


John Blabber

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