Top 10 Moments in Naruto: #8 and #7

Today, we have the master of bones, as well as a meeting of the five most powerful and honored characters in Naruto!


Welcome to day two of our look into the greatest moments in Naruto! Yesterday, we had look at numbers ten and nine. Today, we have numbers eight and seven. without further ado, let’s see what made number eight!

#8: Kimimaro Will Kill Everyone!

Naruto Episodes 118-127

How many characters can say that they would have killed Naruto, but Rock Lee interrupted? Then who could say they held their own against two of the strongest ninja in the original series? That would be Kimimaro. Why is Kimimaro so awesome?

Well, first, you have a man who can use his entire bone structure as a weapon. He can change the density and shape to whatever he needs. Does he need a knife? He can just rip out a rib. How about a sword? He can rip out his fibula. Oh, and don’t worry about that spinal cord whip. That’s normal. The is the ultimate ninja, because he doesn’t leave evidence. And the crazy part is that’s without Orochimaru’s curse mark.

He can make his body into a barrage of bone spikes! Holy shit! But it doesn”t even stop there! He takes everything Rock Lee and Gaara can throw at him, including being buried 200 meters under the ground, where normal bodies would be crushed to death!

He doesn’t die from that, but only turns the ground into a forest of razor sharp bones! He hones in for the kill, only to stop dead in his tracks due to an illness that ultimately killed him. He was even able to smash through every defense that Gaara had, and he was still able to keep going. It gave Gaara everything he could handle in this series.

That’s him in battle. He was supposed to be Orochimaru’s vessel when he changed bodies, but the illness he contracted nixed those plans. He is loyal to a fault, where Kabuto manipulated that loyalty to make him go on the suicide mission to get Sasuke back to Orochimaru.

He is so powerful, he was supposed to be right next to Orochimaru during the Konoha invasion. But that illness just killed almost every plan. It was so degenerative, that if he moved, his lifespan decreases. But he was willing to take that risk for the sake of Orochimaru. What’s funny, is that if you look at it, he is Haku to Orochimaru’s Zabuza. Well, except Zabuza cared about Haku. Orochimaru just tossed Kimimaru aside for Sasuke.

This man is probably the most badass ninja in the first series. If it weren’t for Lee, Naruto would be dead. And if it weren’t for the disease he had, both Rock Lee and Gaara would be dead. Can you imagine Kimimaro unleashed? Because that could only be the most insane thing, ever. This guy is a stone cold killer that will have no problems killing Naruto, Sasuke, and whoever else he needed to in the name of Orochimaru.

#7: The Five Kage Summit

Naruto Shippuden Episodes 199-205

This is a very short batch of episodes that brought the five most respected people in ninja world. You have the five Kage gathered, and who would mediate this? Mifune, a badass Samurai, and leader of the Land of Iron (the place where this summit is taking place.). This takes place, because the 8-tails Jinchuriki was seemingly kidnapped by Sasuke and his team, and Pain decided that Konoha needed a makeover with a crater.

From left to right, we have the fifth Mizukage, Mei. She presides over the Village Hidden in the Mist. Next, we have Gaara of the Sand, the fifth Kazekage, and Danzo, the temporary “sixth” Hokage. He managed to talk the leader of the Land of Fire to name him the sixth Hokage after the destruction of Konoha so there was a delegate at the summit. The little spec next to Danzo is Onoki, the third Tsuchikage. He is the leader of the Land Land Hidden in the Stone.

And the last is A, the current Raikage, and the leader of the Land hidden in the Clouds. He is the hot-headed man of the bunch, and breaks his part of the desk within an episode. What gets overshadowed, is that each Kage brought 2 protectors in case something bad happened. Oh wait…

Just as this meeting was going nowhere, the white Zetzu shows up in the middle of  the room, and announces that Sasuke was there, and he was going to kill every Kage. Well, A was fed up when Zetsu showed up, and had enough when he talked, so A just grabbed White Zetsu’s throat, and crushed it.  And then, here comes Sasuke and friends!

Sasuke realized very quickly that Mifune’s soldiers are not Kage, and when he got to the Kage, A took point. He snapped Suigetsu’s sword (it’ll look familiar) and a fully transformed Jugo, before taking on Sasuke. At this point, everyone is in a basement room, and this building is getting wrecked. Sasuke takes on A, and all of his lightning attacks are nullified by A’s superior lightning abilities. Sasuke, getting desperate, uses Susanoo wrapped in the inextinguishable flames of Amateratsu, and some of the flames get on A’s arm when he punches it. The ultimate in badassery here is that he just cuts his own arm off to keep fighting.

Gaara intervenes, trying to talk him into bailing this path, and to come home. Sasuke powers up Susanoo again, and withstands the combined attacks of Gaara, Temari, and Darui. Sasuke abandons Jugo and Suigetsu so he can find Danzo. Unfortunately, that leads him right to Mai, who was waiting in the meeting room. Mai is pretty awesome, because she keeps Sasuke in a hallway due to her lava techniques. He was saved by a spore technique from the dead Zetsu that transfers chakra from everyone to Sasuke.

Sasuke almost gets pulverized by Onoki’s Dust Release techniques, but was saved by Tobi, who revealed himself to be Madara Uchiha. Madara then disclosed his entire plan, including the infinite Tsukuyomi, and his declaration of the Fourth Ninja War.

This sets up the next ninja war, and everything happening to current. This was the last gateway before shit got serious, and the lengths that people go to make sure their side wins starts here. Danzo was revealed to be a slimy piece of garbage, but I will get to that in a second. All of the Kage, who really don’t like each other, all band together to fight the greater evil.

And that greater evil was Tobi. For the entire series, you think that he was just an idiot, and there was no way he could be apart of the Akatsuki. This was revealed to be his doing from the beginning, starting with a talk the Fourth Hokage had with his son, Naruto. I will touch on that on another day, but it was integral to know that Tobi has been around since the Fox Demon went on a rampage through Konoha.

I almost included Sasuke’s fight with Danzo, but it didn’t so much except how overpowered Sasuke was compared to Danzo, and how desperate Danzo was to become Hokage. He stole Shisui’s Sharingan, and ordered Itachi to kill every member of the Uchiha line.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the sixth and fifth greatest moments in Naruto history, because we go back in time to before Naruto, and we look at probably the most tragic character in all of Naruto.

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