TIME Names Homer & Marge Among 25 Most Influential Couples in History


TIME Magazine just released their list of the 25 most influential couples in history, and apparently fictitious couples were included, as Homer & Marge Simpson nabbed a spot, and so did Adam & Eve.

The qualifications were simple: “The couples on this list are here because, one way or another, they left or are leaving a lasting mark,” the author, Lisa Grunwald, explained. Duos like Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Beyoncé & Jay Z, and John & Jackie Kennedy of course also made the last.

According to the description, the Simpson couple was included based on the following reasoning: “Marge is both hotter and cooler than the ever-ditzy Homer, but his unwavering, unconditional, unquenchable love wins her heart and ours even as they, and we, understand that he doesn’t remotely deserve her. Their co-dependency—he adores her, she adores being adored—mirrors millions of modern marriages, and their longevity has somehow made even our own dysfunctions enviable.”

To be honest, I’m not sure I agree with all of that description. Marge is too humble to be considered one who “adores being adored,” although in all fairness, this is probably true to some extent for everyone. Additionally, Marge is not “cooler” than Homer. She’s definitely hotter (this is clear even in cartoon form) but Marge is actually quite the square, and Homer, albeit dumb as a chimp, is actually quite with it. (Although he’ll eventually find out that what he’s with isn’t “it” anymore, and what’s “it” seems weird and scary.)

The list is part of Grunwald’s upcoming anthology, The Marriage Book, which includes thousands of couples found in real life, as well as “in books, films, photographs, [and] fables.”

[via TIME]

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