The Next Animated Series That Needs a Movie: Brickleberry

Can it be done?

If you keep up with Bubbleblabber, you know that we cover everything animated. That includes shorts, webisodes, feature films, television shows, comic books, and just about anything else that was drawn by hand or computer. The point being is that we know cartoons. We know what is entertaining, what is meh, and what is abysmal.  Brickleberry being canceled after only three criminally underrated seasons is abysmal. Seeing the show live on in comic book form was entertaining. In fact, so entertaining, that we awarded the four-issue series of ArMOOgeddon as the best comic book series of 2016 that was inspired by an animated television series. This is no easy feat, considering that the eternal Simpsons, as well as the excellent sci-fi comedy series Rick and Morty both have comic books on the market. Those comics are hit and miss from issue to issue, but it was evidently clear that for ArMOOgeddon, the same quality and effort was put into each page of print as what the show was produced with. Not a single issue of the quadrilogy was dull, or lacking jokes that connected. My only con to the comics was that they were all too short and left us wanting more. The story arc had its share of twists and turns, fan-favorite cameos, and an uncommon ending that only Brickleberry could have pulled off.

Which leads me to the purpose of this article: the alien cow invasion/time-travel saga would be perfect for a full-length animated film. The plot was funny, interesting, clever, exciting, wonderfully-warped, and even action packed. A movie is almost begging to be made because the story is already written, as well as some jokes, so the groundwork is already laid. More jokes and fluid animation, on an already proven solid script, is that cherry on the icing of the ice cream on the sundae of the brownie on the cake, that is the sweet treat known as Brickleberry.

There absolutely no question whether this is what the fans want or not. The fans are a devout group of individuals who will not let a single Brickleberry Facebook post alone without the constant bombardment of demands, which to name a few, are the following: “Bring Back Brickleberry“, “We need more Brickleberry!”, “Make a movie”, “Make more seasons”, “Who do I have to blow for more Brickleberry?”, “This is the best show ever”, “Malloy > Stewie Griffin”, “Ever since I saw Brickleberry, every other adult cartoon sucks and is boring.”

Speaking of the Facebook page, over 510,000 people like the page. To put things into perspective, the Drawn Together Facebook page has about 430,000 fans. To put things into perspective, right off the back there are an additional +80,000 fans liking Brickleberry. Both shows had thre seasons so they should be equal right? Not exactly. Drawn Together also had a movie. What makes it that much more impressive for Brickleberry is that DT has been around since 2004. Brickleberry first aired in 2012! Drawn Together has 8 years on Brickle, as well as a movie, not to mention having reruns up until a few years ago (which Comedy Central does not have BB reruns ever playing) and somehow our favorite rangers still have nearly 20% more Facebook fans. Triptank had 2 seasons on Comedy Central and has a little over 50K fans on their Facebook page. Brickle had under the half-million mark of fans, was canceled, and then continued to grow (showing a deep love of the franchise) to over half a million and still getting bigger each day. Legends of Chamberlain Heights, a new animated series that recently wrapped up its first season on CC, and was renewed for a second, has about 35K fans. Feel free to look at the Facebook page numbers of other cult favorite animated shows that are no more such as Code Monkeys, Moonbeam City, or Wonder Showzen , and you’ll see that Brickleberry is far ahead, in terms of hardcore fans who want to see more of their favorite show.

The Simpsons Movie was good, but not great, for a few reasons. The show peaked about 10 years before the movie was ever released. Luckily, a Brickleberry movie would come out in the prime of the series. The reason being is that the show never even peaked. Every season was better than the last and that’s saying a lot because the first was refreshing and hilarious; while the second and third somehow upped that ante. The unreached potential contained in Brickleberry physically makes us sick because we know that it is a comedy goldmine just waiting to be explored. The untimely cancellation of the show left fans wanting more and a large-scale epic movie would certainly scratch that itch. And trust us, that itch is unbearable.

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