THE KICK LIST: World Destroyer

This will be an often revised feature for where we keep you up to date on ongoing animation projects that are being crowdsourced by companies like Kickstarter. Welcome to “The Kick List”, a collection of animated projects and animation-related projects that we’ve come across that we think you need to know about.  New animated projects pretty much show up on the docket daily and as such, it is tough to grab every single one, but we will do our very best in making sure you are informed. This guide is here to tell you about what’s worth keeping an eye on, and what they are all about. “The Kick List” will list animated projects geared towards our audience and from birth to completion you will know what’s going on with your favorite crowdfunding project. Have one we don’t know about?? Shoot us an email @


Funding Amount: $50,000

Funding Date: .

We’re creating a 2D animated short to prove to investors and executives that we all want to see The Indies on television!

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

Funding Amount: $300,000

Funding Date: Thu, October 5 2017 1:00 PM EDT

Legends of Speedrunning

Fundraising Amount: $12,098
Fundraising Date: Wed, September 27 2017 9:16 AM EDT.
A short 2D animated fictional sports drama about the dynamic world of Video Game Speedrunning

Primus 7

Funding Date: Sun, September 24 2017 2:46 PM EDT
Funding Amount: $125,000

The Wrong Rock

Funding Amount: $15,000

Funding Date: October 2nd

“We’re all on the same rock!” The Wrong Rock is a short animated film about equality.

peoplewatching Season Two

Funding Amount: $50,000

Funding Date: September 27th

An award-winning web series from Winston Rowntree.

World Destroyer

Funding Amount: $300,000

Funding Date: November 18th

World Destroyer is a 2D animated film made by Nominous Animation. Through funds raised on Indiegogo we hope to finish the rest of the film.

Help us create a 2D animated feature film!

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