Teen Choice 2015 Nominees Announced to the four people who still watch the Teen Choice Awards


FOX has released their entire list of Teen Choice 2015 Nominees and yet again the cartoon category leaves a lot to be desired. Here are the nominees for Choice TV: Animated Show Category:

“Adventure Time”

“Family Guy”

“Gravity Falls”

“Regular Show”

 “Star Wars Rebels”

“The Simpsons”

A rather disappointing lineup if you ask me. Clearly producers are picking all of the shows that have HUGE merchandising deals because no one nowadays would pick Family Guy as one of the top shows on TV nowadays. Hell, other than Gravity Falls and maybe Star Wars Rebels, the other picks leave a lot to be desired.

I don’t care to look up when the Teen Choice Awards are, so you can just go here for that information. For those that give a shit, you can vote in a winner at TeenChoice.com

John Schwarz

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