Sneak Peek for the return of ‘Kirby Buckets’ on Disney XD

8) Kirby Buckets
8) Kirby Buckets

It will be over two months now since the last time we saw Kirby Buckets, but that all changes next week on Disney XD. For those that don’t know, Kirby Buckets is a live-action/animated series that sees our titular character get through high school as he aspires to be a cartoonist when he grows up. Along the way, Kirby could be deemed classified as a schizophrenic as he’s constantly seeing cartoons all over the place.

In the upcoming episode entitled ”The Rise and Fall of 4th Period”, Kirby becomes the leader of his class after his teacher leaves, creating a fun and chaotic classroom. Dawn and Belinda go on a hygiene strike after the Principal bans hair-dryers.

Kirby Buckets is all-new next Wednesday @ 10 pm ET/PT on Disney XD, check your local listings. Check out a new clip below.

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