Shorts Reviews: Terrificland Episodes 2-7


If Ugly Americans was less an urban environment and focused just on Leonard Powers, you would have a good idea of what to expect from this series.

Follow Billy, your typical college student/goat boy whom befriends Frank, a run down wizard whom prefers to fuck anything that moves rather than cast spells, and last but not least Karen whom seems to be more or less the tag-a-long apple in Billy’s eye.

During the course of the episodes, it’s actually kind of tough to figure out whose side Frank is on because similar to Bender from Futurama he thinks more of himself than anyone else and wouldn’t exactly call Billy a friend despite the fact that the poor kid has had to help Frank break out of prison, save him from a burning building, and be the overall voice of reason whenever the grand wizard does stupid shit.

Overall, the series is super funny, and the character designs for all of the different characters are some of the better ones you’ll find on Youtube. Moreover, the principal characters offer a lot of depth for future considerations with us meeting Billy’s parents, Frank’s brother, and more. This variety offers up material that makes me yearning to see more. Also, taking advantage of the fact that this series isn’t on TV, Terrificland really requires you to start from episode one and watch all the way through because we get some rather dense arcs, a feature that isn’t normally found in cartoons both online and on TV.


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