Shorts Reviews: Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles ”Bomb; Twisted”


Some Spoilers Below

Forget everything you know about Batman or Superman before watching anything Justice League: Gods and Monsters. In the shorts series leading up to the full-length feature coming July 28th, we see rather drastic changes to some of DC Comics’ most popular heroes. Batman trades in the tights for a slick-suit and the fact that he is no longer human and is actually a vampire means he has no problem killing Harley Quinn. Then, an older, more Kal-El looking Superman has to make the startling decision on how to stop Braniac from destroying Metropolis.

At the end of the day, what you are getting is a taste of DC Comics’ darkest take on animation to date. Severed heads, battles with chainsaws, crass language, it’s all the stuff that makes it ripe for an older crowd starving for action/animation. You are also getting the best-looking animated series on the internet and that includes efforts on Netflix and Hulu. WB Animation’s stellar reputation in this area is well-earned here. That said, don’t be looking for anything that is ‘pointing’ towards the feature-length, rather I feel like we are getting appetizers before the Thanksgiving feast. And so far, these apps, are tasting good.


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