Shorts Reviews: Erik the Pillager Eps 1-5


It’s rare when you come across an internet animated series that has as much talent as Erik The Pillager. The Ned Petrie & Brian MacQuarrie produced series is a strong one, and we are going to tell you why.

The premise of the series follows two vikings, Erik and Bjorn, in a comedy series that almost is as much of a parody of these ancient times as Archer is to fighting bad guys that work for corrupt governments. Laden throughout are jokes that are both of the times and contemporary which has to be hard to do given two distinct time periods, but these guys pull it off. No credits are specifically accredited to anyone, but whomever voices the role of ‘Bjorn’ is hysterical and is one of the best voice actors on Mondo Mini Shows. Bjorn is clearly the joker of the two buddies in that he’s constantly the one coming up with silly ideas like trying to hook up with ladies that have no interest in him or the loftiness of which he exudes when wanting to throw old people off of a cliff.

The show also does a good job at recurring and introducing us to new characters. Ragnor seems like a lot of fun, but he has two real objectives every episode…hack and slash. We are also introduced to the likes of Magnus, the aforementioned old guy that is the subject of a two-parter threatening to throw him off of a cliff, and a potential but clearly not interested love interest for Bjorn. All the characters build an almost ‘Springfield’ for the show, and could prove to be fruitful in future episodes.

Erik the Pillager is a smart, funny, and well produced shorts series that has TV adaptation written all over it.

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