Shorts Reviews: Dee Tremendous Eps 2-4


Usually, most cartoons on Youtube try their best to be as crass and obscene as possible because, ”Fuck It, It’s Youtube”. Very rare do you come across a series that has any sort of heart and soul, but Dee Tremendous is the one example.

During the course of the series, we follow a kid named Dee whom goes out with a girl named Tammy, but listens to his idiot friend’s advice on how to go about keeping the relationship. As a result, Dee and Tammy don’t even talk for a couple of months and Tammy has moved on to another guy. We actually run into the new couple at the mall, but Dee doesn’t work up the courage to say anything yet…

That said, it’s a series you kind of want to keep watching because you can’t help but root for Dee as he’s basically standing up for every not-so-good-looking guy on his way to finding love. That said, the show does offer pitfalls. For example, I’m not understanding why Dee’s conscious thoughts have a different cadence than that of his normal voice. Also, Manjeet more often than not rehashes old Family Guy jokes, and I’m not just talking about the flash backs, neither.

Overall, Dee Tremendous offers a good and solid show with a premise that isn’t very common on TV nor online these days and as such I can’t wait for the next episode. Similar to Terrificland, but maybe more important, it’s best you watch the series from Episode 1 so you can get the lay of the land as the episode follows a major arc during the course of the season.


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