Shorts Review: Spoofs – Sci-Fi Edition


Say what you will about Tom Cruise’s movies, real-life eccentricities, and crazy space religion, but the guy can be FUNNY. Whether he’s playing opposite Ben Stiller playing his stunt double, making a hilarious & unexpected cameo in a comedy film, or clowning around with Jimmy Fallon, laughs are sure to follow.

So naturally, Cruise is also funny when others are spoofing him in any number of ways without his participation – especially in cartoons like South Park and Family Guy.

Enter Mashed & Toonocracy, animation companies who thus far have eked out a living making a bunch of different cartoon episodes, shorts, and spoofs on YouTube. Their Sci-Fi genre spoof video happened to feature a parody (or parodies) of Mr. Cruise.

The short begins with a send-up of Tom’s newest flick, Edge of Tomorrow, renamed “Edge of Today.” Using that film’s plot (Cruise’s character constantly meeting his demise) the vid jumps from film to film showing his death in each one, even though the actor didn’t actually appear in most of those films. From Alien to Blade Runner to The Matrix, the “Spoofs: Sci-fi Edition” uses the same idea over and over to make a hilarious little minute-long clip packed with references and non-sequiturs.

Then again, maybe it’s just me who thinks this is the funniest thing since a clown sliced bread. My lady didn’t find it nearly as amusing, and it has only logged 6,300 hits in the past week.

You be the judge.

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