Shorts Review: Sanjourno Must Die! (@Sanjournorb)

Some Spoilers Below

Sanjourno Must Die! creator Jim Lujan has been doing this gig for a while voicing and creating cartoons for a number of years so it’s no surprise that his new series is pretty damn good. Laden with an artisan twist  that animation fans of Bill Plympton would find soothing, we start off Sanjourno’s tale a little bit like the film Goodfellas where a bunch of gangsters are driving in a car and there’s a mysterious aura in the air. You really don’t know what it is until what you are watching takes you back in time a little bit and tells you why your hero is in the situation that he is in. And yes, just in case if you are wondering I am comparing this to a Scorsese flick and I should because this tale is just as gritty and unsettling but with a sarcastic brush definitely put on notice.

This could be Rug Burn’s best series…

9.5 out of 10

John Schwarz

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