Shorts Review: Oishi High School Battle “The Erotic Adventures of Mucusance”

Oh, man. This has all of the trappings of a very gross episode.



Oh god, I was right. Mucusance was in the bathroom crying his eyes out about Oishi, when Ryuzu offers to take him somewhere to get his mind off of Oishi. That place is a disco on an asteroid, where Ryuzu gets Mucusance a crusty brown color as Mucusance downs more booze. The next day, Mucusance is even worse off, and books a one-way trip to Losertown. Oishi catches wind of that, and tries to stop Mucusance, but Mucusance feels that he needs to go because he can’t have the girl he loves. He relents, however, and gives one day to see if anything changes.

Alright, what the literal fuck is going on in this show? This used to be funny, now it’s an over the top DeGrassi with aliens and robots. Oishi is spending more time dealing with the moronic, douchebag of a boyfriend, and I don’t find that funny, at all. Hell, even the beginning of the season feels alienated from where we are now, because Oishi has made no strides to being the most popular girl in school. This show is going down hill fast, and there is nothing really keeping my interest anymore.


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