Shorts Review: Oishi High School Battle “The Crappiest Planet Part 3”

The Hotness Games comes to a not-so-shocking conclusion. Find out what happens to Oishi, Raif, and Mucusance after the jump!



I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for the conclusion of the Hotness Games. This terrible spoof ends like the Hunger Games, with black aberrations (this time they look like Xenomorphs from Alien), chasing Raif and Oishi to the Cornucopia where they’re stuck. Mucusance finds Raif and Oishi, and eats all of the Xenomorphs like they’re going out of style. He even eats a face hugger. When Oishi goes to thank Mucusance, he shows him the Raif’s phone, which had evidence of the threesome he had in that cave. Oishi forgives Raif, but her blades didn’t. Oishi then wants the games to end, because she won’t kill Mucusance. She loves him, which causes the three scumbag Steves in the control room to call off the games.

“The Crappiest Planet” trilogy was a crude parody of the Hunger Games. I dug it, because the Hunger Games were a crude take on Battle Royale. Add in all of the comedy, and you have a parody that doesn’t get lost in its own seriousness like the Hunger Games does. Mucusance ending up with Oishi was a plot twist everyone saw coming, so I don’t know if I can even call it a plot twist. However, the way Raif got sliced up was pretty rad. “The Crappiest Planet” was the upswing the series needed to get back on track.

You can watch the end of “The Crappiest Planet” right here.


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