Shorts Review: Oishi High School Battle “The Crappiest Planet Part 2”

Let the Douchebag Games, commence!



This has to be the best Hunger Games spoof I have ever seen. That doesn’t say much, though. Everyone picked for the Hotness Games have been thrown into the arena, including Anya and Oishi, who Raif and Muchie volunteered for, plus an alien girl named Jenny. For someone who wasn’t in last episode, Jenny goes on a killing spree, killing everyone except Raif, Oishi, and a lost Muchie. We finally have a fight between Oishi and Jenny, with Oishi winning with cotton candy wrecking Jenny’s diet. Oishi speaks to the Scumbag Steve memes in the control room, saying that she won’t kill Raif or Muchie. Control releases the mutts (or monsters in this), leaving Raif to wish he went to military school.

First thing you need to do when watching this episode is make sure your annotations are on. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on one of the coolest guest spots on the show. EpicLloyd and NicePeter make an appearance, but you won’t know who they are without the annotations. “The Crappiest Planet Part 2” condensed the best of the Hunger Games into about five minutes, and you even have the shitty love triangle to boot. The events of this week leads into the finale next week, which I am sure will shit on The Hunger Games even more. “The Crappiest Planet Part 2” did a great job in redeeming what was a really terrible down turn for the series. Hopefully, the trend continues with part three next week.


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