Shorts Review: Oishi High School Battle “The Crappiest Planet Part 1”

The school finally makes landfall! Unfortunately, it’s the Scumbag Steve meme come to life. Find out how Oishi and company try to make it after the jump!



The Hunger Games, I mean, Hotness Games have hit Oishi High School Battle! The school makes landfall into Planet Douchebag, where Raif and the Principal make their way to King Douchebag. After a brief conversation where Raif and the Principal seem to win over King Douchebag, the Principal takes it one step too far be using “queer” one too many times. The King then decreed that there will be a Hotness Games, where 12 of the hottest girls will fight to the death. Muchie volunteers as tribute for Oishi, and Raif takes the place of Anya, a girl in a wheelchair.

This is going to be at least a two parter, and may end up going to the end of the season. I like the build up here, because it seems to be getting somewhere. That’s a HUGE step up from where we were last week. The story is a blatant rip on the Hunger Games, with a sprinkle of Game of Thrones to boot. I haven’t seen those properties parodied in Oishi yet, so may as well do it at once.

I’m glad to see the potential fights to finally come back, and something resembling a story, I don’t know if it will end up in a letdown, but the potential is there, and that’s all I can ask for,


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